Here are 10 great renovation ideas that you can easily complete before Christmas arrives. Some are easy DIY tasks and others may turn out better with professional tradesmen on board.

1. Declutter and tidy up your yard (DIY)

Remove damaged or rusted furniture and rubbish from the yard. Clear any old junk mail out of the letterbox and consider getting a “No Junk Mail” label and reduce your contribution to landfill.

2. Pressure clean hard surfaces (DIY)

Paved driveways, paths and outdoor entertaining areas get stained and look dull over time. Hire a pressure cleaner from your local equipment hire store and freshen up your outdoor areas in just one day (subject to local water restrictions). If your driveway or path still looks dull, consider investing in some paving paint to give it a real lift.

3. Freshen up your landscaping (DIY)

Trim and prune overgrown plants and trees, weed garden beds and paths, and mow the lawn. Take it up a level and plant some fresh flowers in the garden or pots, mulch your garden beds and create outdoor spaces that are inviting.

4. Replace old or leaky taps (DIY/Pro)

Taps in bathrooms and kitchens get a lot of wear and tear over time. Replace these with new taps that restrict water flow and save money in future water bills too.

5. Get painting (DIY/Pro)

Every home can benefit from a fresh coat of paint in the living areas from time to time. Good preparation is crucial, so if you do not have the time to prepare your surfaces, consider using a professional painter. For advice on latest paint colour trends, contact your local paint supplier and utilise the services of their colour consultant.

6. Spring clean (DIY)

Every so often our homes can benefit from a deep clean. Roll up your sleeves and spend a weekend sprucing up your home or hire a cleaner for a one-off deep clean. A deep clean will get to all the areas that your regular cleaning doesn’t. Areas such as marks on walls, cleaning windows, grime around light switches, dusting the top of cabinets, behind and under furniture, and more. Don’t forget to clean out your pantry and go through your fridge too—you will need all the space you can get for Christmas goodies.

7. Get your air-conditioner(s) serviced (Pro)

With summer comes the heat and most homes will be turning air-conditioners on in one or more rooms of the house. Now is the time to get these serviced to remove excess dust, upgrade filters and to ensure that you will be breathing clean, healthy air.

8. Renovations that can deliver long-term savings (Pro)

These simple tasks will cost money up front, but will deliver long-term savings over and over again in reduced water and energy bills in the future:

  • Replace old downlights with LED lights
  • Swap your single flush toilet with a dual-flush toilet
  • Replace showerhead with a water-restricting showerhead
  • Replace whitegoods with energy and water efficient models

9. Blur the lines between the outdoors and the indoors (Pro)

Christmas-time and the quintessential barbecue both scream outdoor entertaining. This also means high foot traffic between the indoors and the outdoors. A popular way to blur the line between the outdoors and the indoors is by installing bi-fold doors at the rear of the home. When entertaining, the bi-fold doors can be opened up completely and your entertaining space is suddenly doubled.

10. Repainting the exterior of the home (Pro)

A repaint of the external walls can lift the look of almost any home. Don’t just repaint in the same colour. Many of the cream and stone hues that were popular for exteriors in decades past now look dated. Consider cool grey tones with crisp white accents.

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