Since babies can’t talk, the best way to find out about the state of their health is through what ends up in their nappies.

The colour of your newborn’s poo will change constantly in the first few weeks. Your baby’s first few nappies will contain meconium, which although not smelly, is greenish-black in colour with a tar-like texture.

Within a few days, it should change to green and be less sticky, indicating the baby is digesting milk. If bright green and frothy, it may indicate not enough milk or the presence of antibiotics. Similarly, if slimy or glistening, it may be due to the presence of mucus, which is common with drooling babies or a sign of infection. Consult your doctor.

The healthiest colour for the contents of your baby’s nappy is dijon mustard or yellow with a mushy or creamy texture, although with formula milk it may be peanut butter brown and firmer.

Just remember it’s probably just the first of many surprises your bundle of joy brings you. Keep smiling!

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