I’ve had different types of back pain—either middle or lower back—most of my adult life but when I fell pregnant the first time, my back pain increased. During childbirth, I injured my coccyx through the delivery. It was then that my back pain got a lot worse, especially in my lower back and pelvis.

Any pressure on my sacrum or pelvis was really painful, even debilitating. I wasn’t able to sit on the ground with my child, I wasn’t able to breastfeed sitting up and carrying him for long periods put too much pressure on my lower back. It was really frustrating because everybody else could do it and I wasn’t able to. I would have to sit in the chair with my child on the ground at mothers’ group or I’d have to have him in the pram. It was hard not to be able to give him that sort of close care that I wanted to.  

Then I fell pregnant again. It’s exhausting already having two young children, but then I had the added back pain on top of that. It was really upsetting to not be able to enjoy the time with your children, lift them up, or get up or get down on the ground. 

When seeking treatment, I initially tried physiotherapy, then chiropractic advice and I even saw a coccyx specialist to try and find out what my options were. I didn’t know much about osteopathy at all. I had spoke to a couple of people at work who were seeking treatment through osteopathy and looked on the internet for different articles around pelvic pain and it seemed that osteopathy might be able to help me.

I not only got treatment but also exercises that I could do at home. This way, when I was around my kids or if I couldn’t get out to seek treatment, I could at least be working on the pain in my own home.

Osteopathy has managed my back and pelvis pain for the past three years. Whenever I feel any tightness or restriction in movement, osteopathy treatment helps relieve the pain and reduces the pain. Osteopathy has helped me live a more active life, and enjoy more time and my kids.

I’m not able to do more leisure activities and not spend so much time focused on the pain that I’ve been enduring for years. Osteopathy really helped me and given me the strength and confidence to be able to enjoy my life a lot more.

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