Prioritise sleep

Sleep is nature’s built-in life-support system and affects every measure of health for young and old, and all those in between. Sleep is the most important part of our day. A consistently good night’s sleep is about quantity (getting enough) and quality (breathing well). When you prioritise it, you develop a rhythm and routine with good sleep habits. It will help you build and maintain the physical, mental and emotional resilience to deal with the stresses of our modern world—and being a mum!

The power of food 

It’s either the best medicine or the slowest of poisons. Food has the ability to affect not just physical health, the immune system, but also mood and behaviour. Be aware that it can cause sensitivities, chronic inflammation and reactions that are not always immediately obvious, but delayed food hypersensitivities are a reality. We also share our body with billions of microbes that can either help keep us healthy or make us sick. Are you feeding your friends or foes?

Love well

Relationships are the key to longevity, health and wellness. We live in a world that constantly vies for our attention. It’s easy to get lost in notifications on social media, preoccupied with being “liked”, and even having hundreds of “friends”. But that’s not the relationships that nurture us. Be present and model behaviour that values real relationships for you and your family.      


Tips to be Less Stressed

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