• White A5 card
  • Coloured paper (two colours, at least 6cm by 9cm)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Gold pen


1. Gather materials.

2. Print template and cut out with scissors.

3. Cut out two shapes from the coloured paper with the template.

4. Using the template, cut the two strips.

5. Weave the two pieces of coloured paper. Take care to weave them gently and gradually move them into place. If the two pieces don’t fit, gently pull part and cut the slots a little longer.

6. Place a little glue onto the ends to secure your heart.

7. Fold the A5 card in half and stick the heart on the front.

8. Add sentiment and border.

Additional projects

Once you have made one heart, you will want to make more! (The template includes three different sizes.)

Make three hearts, one of each size, and turn them into a mobile by punching holes into each heart, adding some string and tying them together into a hanging. Decorate with markers and stickers.

Add a medium-sized heart to a paper ring for a napkin holder to accompany a lovely dinner or picnic.

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