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12 before 12

Twelve cooking skills to master before turning 12. Free recipes for kids to try and cook. A new video series developed in partnership with Sanitarium Health Food Company.

Recipes for kids

Mums At The Table is all about doing motherhood together. It’s why we were so excited when we heard about the Sanitarium Health Food Company’s 12 Before 12 program.

More than just recipes for kids, 12 Before 12 is about bringing families together to learn 12 practical skills that help make healthier eating easier and more enjoyable. It’s 12 cooking skills that every child should master before the age of 12.

So watch as Gia, our resident recipe sharer, and her husband Adam, together with their two children Olive and Moses, embark on a journey to master the 12 cooking skills for kids, with the help of Sanitarium’s healthy eating and cooking guide for kids.

Want your very own guide? Read on to find out how you can receive your very own (hard copy or digital) copy of Sanitarium’s 12 Before 12 free recipes for kids. Hurry, we only have a very limited number of hard copies available!

Skills 1–3: Speedy shopper, label lingo and seasonal selector

Boredom aside, a longer time spent food shopping typically means more things your family don’t need and steals time away from better things you could all be doing.

While it’s good to be a speedy shopper, it’s also important to learn how to read food labels as they contain lots of information to help you make better food choices.

Different fruits and vegetables grow best at different times of the year, so as you speed through those aisles, make sure you’re popping all sorts of seasonal food into your trolley.

Skills 4–6: Recipe ready, safety inspector, chop like a boss

The key to success in the kitchen is being organised—and knowing how to read a recipe. But before you get too carried away whipping up a super delicious meal, be sure to take a moment with an adult to run through the tips for a safe kitchen experience.

And the first step? Learning to use a knife. It’s an essential part of prepping, cooking and eating. 

Skill 7: Grill master

Recipes will often tell you what temperature and how long to cook something, but rarely do they tell you what to do before it hits the grill. So what should you do to master the grill?

Skill 8: Waste warrior

Throwing away food is a big waste of money and an even bigger waste of all the resources that go into growing, making and transporting food from the farm to your family.

Learning how to cook is as much about the grill as ensuring no food is wasted unnecessarily.

Skill 9: Picasso plater

Most humans eat with their eyes. That’s why any good cook knows that it’s important to present food in a way that interests and excites the people eating it.

Skills 10 & 11: Healthy DJ and table talk

You’ve probably heard of the five food groups, but a healthy DJ knows how to spin them out on a plate to maximise the nutrition.

These days, lots of families don’t eat together very often and meal times have become so much faster. The rules have become looser too. But nutritionists now think there was some kind of healthy magic in those old-school food rituals that futuristic families like yours could really benefit from.

Skill 12: Secret ingredients

Learn to use these secret ingredients whenever you cook to complete your 12 before 12 journey.

Free recipes for kids

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12 Before 12

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More than just recipes, this book teaches kids how to shop, prep, cook and eat their way to a big life that’s jam-packed with good health and fun times. As used by Gia, Olive and Moses!

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