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Motherhood can be a very isolating experience, particularly these days when family support is not always nearby. So Mums At The Table is all about reaching out and supporting women, and building relationships with them, becoming the virtual village that it takes to raise their child.

We’re also here to support businesses that mums will find useful, providing highly targeted and cost-effective advertising solutions.

Some basic stats

Monthly website traffic

Sessions: 10,633

Users: 9416

Page views: 14,305

(Google analytics, March 2022)

Social media & email

Weekly enews: 6648 subscribers

Facebook page: 38,803 followers

Facebook group*: 10,147 members

Instagram: 2678 followers

*We also have 13 (and counting) local groups based in major cities all over Australia and New Zealand, with members ranging from 50 to 800, depending on the location.

(Information correct as of 31 March 2022)

Mum with baby - Mums At The Table audience

Our audience

  • Based in Australia and New Zealand

  • Primarily aged 25–55, mostly mothers with one or more children aged from babies to 12

  • Secondarily, grandmothers aged 55–70

  • Mid- to high-income earners with above-average household incomes

  • Either Christians or curious about Christianity

  • Both stay-at-home mums, and working part- or full-time

  • Interested in a holistic lifestyle, with a focus on family, health and spirituality

Advertising options

  • Website banners and sidebars
  • Weekly enews
  • Sponsored emails
  • Social media packages
  • Sponsored posts & reviews
  • Giveaways

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