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“I see us as not just a meet-up place, but also a place where we can learn together and do life better.”

Alisha partnered with us to create the Toowoomba Mums At The Table groups in early 2021. 

“It’s just me and my daughter at home,” Raquel, who arrived in Australia eight years ago, said. “So I [joined the group]. I was a bit shy because everyone was new, but it was good. The group was good because I had some time out with others.”

“It’s good to get out and interact with other mums and see that my life isn’t boring or crazy,” agreed fellow attendee Amber.

That’s why Mums At The Table groups exist. They’re places to help mums feel like they get a chance to breathe. We’re here to support mums and travel with them on their motherhood journey.

“I see us as not just a meet-up place, but also a place where we can learn together and do life better,” said Alisha.

“We’ve had a kids’ music group come and do a little program. We’ve had a psychologist talk about postnatal depression and a cooking demonstration on healthy snacks for parents to make to name a few.”

Through Mums At The Table, Alisha and other mums have found education, encouragement and empowerment.

To help mums find the village they need, make a secure donation today. 100% of Australian donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Every dollar makes a difference. Your donation matters.


Provides vital information to 150 mums via social media.


Provides advice from experts via email.


Provides resources for a new group moderator.


Invites mums to join a local Facebook group.


Organises a parenting workshop.

*Mums At The Table is produced by Adventist Media. All donations of $2 or more to the Adventist Media Network Cultural Trust are fully tax-deductible. Only selected Mums At The Table activities are tax-deductible.