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Free chore chart kit

Child vacuuming carpeted floor

Want to get the kids to be more involved in helping around the house?

Our three-guide chore chart kit has everything you need to get your kids started. You can even personalise a chore chart with your child’s name.

“I was really surprised at how my kids took to this chore chart. They both ticked off which chores they wanted to do . . . thank you for this.” — Annette Thompson

Printable chore chart

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What you’ll find

Our chore chart kit has been designed to encourage your kids to do chores—happily. Available for download are:

1. 5 tips on how to get kids to do chores

2. A list of age-appropriate chores (for ages 2 to teens)

3. A kid’s chore chart you can personalise

After downloading, simply mouse over to the area above the words chore chart in the document and type in your child’s name.

chore chart