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Love language test for kids

So many parents wonder about their child’s love language, and admittedly, determining the love language of a young child requires some educated guesswork. Why? Because young children can’t yet verbalise their love language.

Before you take the love language test for kids below, remember that while your child may have one (or two) dominant love language, they will benefit from all five ways of receiving love. It is crucial that you still practice all five love languages. Show them love in all the languages and then teach them how to use these for themselves. The value is not only for your children but for the people with whom they will live and associate with.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom to download our list of activities and examples you can do with or for your child, for all five love languages.

About the love languages test

This test is recommended for children aged between 9–12, as kids at this age are better able to identify and express their feelings about love.

Before you take this test, make sure you read our article explaining what are the five love languages for kids.

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Activities that speak your child’s love language

Do you need help showing the different types of love? Or perhaps you need to “speak” more of a particular love language. Our children’s love tank gets filled by all five love languages. This is why we have suggested activities you can do to speak all of your child’s love language.

Simply feel in your details and click to download your love language examples and activities

Love language for kids

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