It’s not just the environment that benefits from cleaning with natural products—so does your home, health, pets, appliances and the air.

The best bit? These natural cleaning products not only don’t contain nasty chemicals, they also do not involve animal cruelty—or buying any cleaning products at all.

The idea with keeping your house clean is to never skip cleaning for too long—and you don’t have to with these simple hacks!

1. Clean walls with bread

Yep, it sounds weird, but it’s not just the kids who like a touch of the old Mighty White! The walls do too—and if you don’t believe me, try gently running a slice over scuffs and marks that don’t come off with a cloth.

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2. Get rid of wooden furniture scratches by rubbing a walnut on the scratch

By rubbing a walnut on the scratch, you’ll give it back that brownish colour. At least a bit.

3. Shine chrome faucets with toothpaste

Rub a bit of toothpaste on them and then wipe with a wet sponge to remove water stains.

4. Clean mirrors with coffee filters

In order to achieve that flawless look from the movies, clean your mirrors with coffee filters. They are better than towels because coffee filters are lint-free.

5. Remove nasty smells from the rubbish bin with lemon

Rinse some lemon rinds through the bin and wash with hot water. The lemon will remove the bad odour

6. Remove pet odour with baking soda

The best way to fight the smell is to spray some baking soda on the animal’s bed. Leave it there to soak up for 15 minutes and then vacuum it.

7. Unclog drains with baking soda and vinegar solution

The non-chemical way to unclog your drains consists of ½ cup baking soda, 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup hot water. Pour the baking soda down the drain. Then add the vinegar, followed by the hot water. Cover the drain with either a wet towel or a plug and wait five minutes, then rinse with boiling water.

8. Clean outdoor furniture with natural soap and hot water

You’ll need a bit of natural soap and a bowl of hot water. Wash the furniture thoroughly and rinse with the hose after that.

9. Clean windows like a pro using vinegar

One thing that can ruin the clean look of a house is dirty windows. For completely see-through windows, mix one-part vinegar with one-part water, put it in a spray bottle and use the solution on your windows. Wipe with a microfibre cloth.

If your house still reminds you of a fish-and-chip shop, light a scented candle to get rid of the smell. Alternatively, add some essential oils or lemon to your vinegar for a more pleasant scent.

10. Clean the washers with baking soda

From time to time, the washing machine and dishwasher will stink. Shake a bit of baking soda on a damp sponge and clean any surfaces that you can reach.

11. Scrub dishes with lemon and salt

Blend some fresh lemon juice with salt to scrub dishes and clean your kitchen, as well as wash steel utensils. A bonus point is the fresh scent.

12. Polish faux-leather furniture with coconut oil

Not for cleaning, but a great option to add shine to your faux-leather furniture—no need for fancy leather polish. Just mix some coconut oil with vinegar and voila, a perfect polish for your sofas and faux-leather chairs.

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