On the hunt for quality girls’ activewear? Lava Tribe Girls Activewear is tried, tested and recommended by mums (and their daughters).

Lava Tribe Girls Activewear is a collaboration between husband-and-wife team and parents of two sporty girls, Steve and Sarah Greenaway. Together, they’ve created a range of sportswear and activewear young girls, tweens and teens love.

“When girls are active, they’re healthier and happier, and they don’t grapple as much with issues around self-esteem and body confidence,” says Sarah. “We believe that every girl should have access to quality activewear that allows them to move freely, perform to their full potential and feel confident in their own skin.”

Sarah and the Lava Tribe team generously offered Mums At The Table the opportunity to trial and review their products. Here’s what our mums think.

Lisa Stone and Cleo

Lisa Stone’s daughter Cleo is almost 11 years old. Cleo is a competitive gymnast and cheerleader who trains five days a week, which means she’s pretty familiar with activewear.

“The most comfortable girls’ activewear set she has worn.”

My daughter spends more time at the gym and in activewear than anything else. When it comes to purchasing sportswear, I look for quality and value-for-money, while comfort and style are at the top of her wishes.

Being a pre-teen and on the smaller side for her age, we find it challenging at times to meet her maturing fashion tastes in training gear. She has outgrown the overly colourful and bright cartoon-type prints which unfortunately is on the majority of the activewear that suits her petite size. We were amazed to find the great range Lava Tribe has to offer in her size that suited her developing style.

The first thing, we noticed was just how soft and luxurious the fabric felt. The paisley print looked great on the website but looked even better in real life: The pastel colours work beautifully together and is such a well thought-out print to cater to tweens, who like colour without being babyish.

Young girl in activewear standing on tree with water in the background

My daughter could not wait to try it on and when she did, she was commenting on how comfortable and confident she felt in it.

The crop has thick supportive straps, seamless and double-lined, which is a great design choice for growing girls. It has a little extra coverage than the standard crops I’ve previously purchased from large sportswear companies. The paisley shorts are perfect in terms of practicality, length and style. I have never felt a fabric so soft and my daughter thought the pocket detail was amazing.

My daughter was also most excited about the PB crop and tank. She loved the look of the mesh, especially in the tank, and commented highly on how comfortable it felt on her skin. She often steers away from “itchy” or “scratchy” types of fabric, and we were both surprised to find the mesh was smooth and breathable, unlike other mesh we have come across in activewear, which is often harsh on the skin or causes irritations.

The design of the PB crop is sleek and stylish, double-layered and supportive with the right amount of coverage, while the tank has a great shape, is lightweight with a solid front and beautiful mesh detail at the back, which my little fashionista loved. The PB shorts have that same buttery softness as well as being a perfect mid-thigh length.

Girl doing a hand stand on a rock

In her opinion, the paisley set has been the most comfortable girls’ activewear set she has worn, which is an enormous compliment, considering she has spent more than half of her young life training in countess styles and brands of sportswear.

Lava Tribe promised their clothes “won’t fall down, ride up or rub”. She certainly put this to the test being a flyer in her cheer team, being thrown, caught and held by her bases and spots. In her words, “There’s nothing worse hitting a stunt, being distracted and uncomfortable, or being halfway through a tumble pass and wanting to fix my shorts.”

As parents all we want is for our babies to be confident and comfortable and I love how Lava Tribe is empowering young athletes to do their best, by wearing their best and feeling their best. If you have a young tween who is an athlete or just likes wearing activewear, check out Lava Tribe. You will not be disappointed. Five stars for quality, comfort, style and price.

Mary-Jane Townson and Marielle

Marielle is Mary-Jane Townson’s 10-year-old daughter. She loves a variety of sports including basketball, tennis, riding her bike and scooter, horseriding and swimming.

Lava Tribe is different—in a great way—to other brands we have had in the past. The mid-rise waistband on the PB sport leggings helps them to stay on and not rise or fall off Marielle when she is doing her sport, which is awesome.

The leggings are also stretchy and super comfy, and Marielle has found they’re not only great for doing sport in, but also to laze around in after. She also loved that they are capri length and don’t rub against her skin at the seams. 

Photo of young girl holding a tennis racquet and another of her holding up a basketball

Marielle also enjoyed wearing her PB Sports crop top when playing tennis or practising her basketball. She loves that she does not sweat in them or tangle or catch her hair when she puts it on. The material is stretchy, does not feel itchy on her skin or scratch at the back of her neck as most of her other sports tops have done in the past.

The streamline active tank top is also great to style over her swimmers when she is not swimming. Marielle loves that she can mix-and-match them with other clothing too. 

The paisley sports crop top is another winner. Marielle chose it because of the bright colours and pattern. As with all the other Lava Tribe activewear, the crop top fits comfortably and nicely around her waist, and they don’t scratch or rub against her skin when doing sport.

Photo of young girl on a bicycle and another on a scooter

As a parent, I love that all of Lava Tribe’s materials are breathable, which means my child feels cool even in the warmer weather and doesn’t sweat in them. The material is beautiful with trendy colours that you can mix-and-match. I love that my child feels comfortable in them and doesn’t need to pull them up or down, or fix them at all at each movement she makes.

I love that they are easy to wash and quick to dry. They hold their shape after washed. I love the different patterns and colours that are available. I love how it looks against Marielle’s tan skin. The sizing is great! Loved how it was fast delivery too! No complaints over here.

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