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Crunchy broccoli salad 

Bright, crunchy, packed with big flavours and very healthy, this broccoli salad ticks all the boxes. Trust me, raw broccoli is really good!


Creamy egg salad 

The best egg salad you will ever eat. It’s quick to whip up and a great dish to have stored in the fridge to slowly eat throughout the week.


Wombok salad 

Wombok is far more flavour-sponging than other salad leaves, making this wombok salad a tasty side dish for almost any meal.

Sweet Potato Salad banner

Sweet potato salad 

This sweet potato salad is deliciously, healthily sweet and fresh tasting. A tasty, healthy salad that’s hearty enough to be eaten as a main.


Easy homemade tahini 

This easy tahini dressing recipe is perfect for salads, nutrition bowls or the perfect vegan addition to any recipe.