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Preschoolers, Toddlers

How to help your shy toddler socialise 

Q: My 16-month-old daughter is very shy around other toddlers. She’s not very good at playing with or near other kids, but is fine when other adults around. When we go out, she’s fine with us, but seems to get quite upset with other children coming into her space. What can I do?

Preschoolers, Toddlers

How to handle a clingy child 

Q: How do I get my clingy 19-month-old to detach from mum and a bit more onto dad? If I’m unavailable, he’s fine, but I’m his preference. Dad is doing his best to meet our toddler’s needs but he just isn’t interested!


“I resent my child” 

Q: Is it normal to detest and even resent giving birth to my son? He’s 12 now and is a real handful and I find it extremely challenging to show love to him.