Feeling close and connected to your partner can be as simple as taking one literal minute to do something. We have 18 suggestions.

Dr Peter Fraenkel, a relationship counsellor based in New York, USA, has many clients who are super busy. But he noticed that if they had 10 60-seconds intentional and caring encounters throughout the day, they were able to stay close even when things are crazy.

Here are some ideas to get you started (and we have them in a convenient printable format below). Do at least three before you part in the morning, one as soon as you meet again in the evening and the rest scattered throughout the day.

  1. Share a chocolate
  2. Make their favourite drink
  3. Kiss
  4. Send a fun text message
  5. Pop a note into a lunch box
  6. Write something on the mirror with your lipstick or white-board pen
  7. Hide a treat into their pocket
  8. Pick them a flower
  9. Sneak a hug from behind
  10. Tickle them
  11. Tell them what you appreciate about them
  12. Say thank you
  13. Call them just to say “I’m thinking of you”
  14. Repeat your wedding day vow
  15. Do their least favourite chore for them
  16. Give them a foot massage or a back rub
  17. Bring home their favourite snack
  18. Do something silly: twirl them around, pull a funny face, etc.

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