Q: Ever since she heard a sermon that the world is ending and Jesus is returning soon, my seven-year-old daughter has been extremely anxious. What can I do to allay her fears?

As parents, we need to make sure they understand who Jesus is and the love and assurance found in Him above all else. They need to hear this early and regularly to counter anxiety caused by what they hear. They need to know that Jesus loves them and will take them to heaven. Keep it simple and brief and do not get caught up in the detail, conspiracy theories or scenarios. The following ideas will help:

Be age appropriate

While one parent might think their five-year-old is ready to hear about what the Bible says about the end of the world, another may want to wait until their child is 10 before bringing up these subjects. You know your child best.

Debrief regularly

Do it in such a way that they will share their fears and concerns. This comes out of the right relationship with our child and time spent with them. Keep on emphasising a God of love, grace, forgiveness and acceptance.

Repetition is key

Remember that teaching your children about these things doesn’t have to be a one-off event.

Teach grace and relationship

Be sure that everything you teach and do with children points them towards salvation through the grace of Jesus. Help children understand what Jesus did for them on the cross and what He is doing for them right now, the assurance He gives and that He will never leave them or forsake them. Keep the focus on the wonderful future God has promised.

Give context

Help children understand the war between Christ and Satan and how it impacts their lives every day and that God is there for them no matter what. God wins every time.

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