Before you heave a sigh of relief that your child’s illness is finally over (again), be sure to do these things to reduce their chance of falling ill again. Keep reading to download these tips as a handy checklist!

Replace their toothbrush

As soon as they have recovered from their cold, get a brand new toothbrush and pop the old one in the bin.

Wash soft furnishings

Their pillow case, sheets and bath towel have likely been coughed on or spattered with snot (sorry, gross but true), so pop on some new linen and give the old sheets and towels a wash. While you’re at it, give their cuddle/bed toy and blankie a spin in the washing machine too.

Want to find out how to protect them from falling sick again? Dr Simone Kooke shares some tips in the video below.

Use eucalyptus oil

For toys that can’t be washed, give them a quick spray with a eucalyptus oil (or lavender oil) and water mix. It will sanitise the toy and make the room smell lovely too.

New drink bottle

BPA-free water bottles need a good wash regularly. Not all are dishwasher safe. If your infant has had the same water bottle for a while and is just recovering from illness, consider whether it’s time to get a new one.

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Door handles

Give the door handles a once over with some eucalyptus oil and a baby wipe. It will take 10 minutes to do the whole house. Remember to pay close attention to the bathroom door.

Clip their fingernails 

My kids’ nails grow so quickly. Sometimes, I’m shocked to see the dirt caked under there, even after only one day of play. Regularly trim their nails—particularly after an illness—to prevent reinfection. And of course, keep up the good old hand washing with soap and water!

Free printable!

Download this free cold recovery checklist printable and keep it handy for whenever your child falls sick.

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