Who knew the Art Gallery of NSW’s historical collection would be so on-point when it comes to creating hilarious lockdown memes?

Lockdowns are never fun, especially the most recent ones in Sydney that happen to coincide with the school holidays. All you parents trying to find ways to entertain the kids, we see you.

Recently, the government’s COVID-19 public health orders forced the Art Gallery of NSW to temporarily close. Thankfully, they decided to turn their creativity online.

These combination of historical artwork and witty Instagram captions are side-splittingly funny. We know being stuck at home can take a huge mental toll on everyone, especially if you have little children. So take a few moments now to check out these hilarious lockdown memes and put a smile on your face.

Stop panic-buying toilet paper

Is it our LGA?

Press conference updates are no fun

Time to go to the shops

Not another QR code

Delivery’s meant to be contactless

More of where those came from over at @artgalleryofnsw.

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