These Mother’s Day gifts are simple but packed full of love. Our four free printables are just the right thing for a well-deserving mum.

1. Free printable: Love vouchers

Print these out, cut them out and place them in a beautiful envelope. Encourage mum to cash the vouchers in when she wants—and make sure you fulfil them!

2. Mother’s Day gifts: 5 reasons why I love you

Tell mum how you really feel about her with five precious reasons. Print this out and write down the top five reasons why you love her.

3. Free printable: All about mum questionnaire

Remind mum of your shared special memories and what you appreciate the most about her by answering these questions.

4. Mother’s Day gifts: Colouring-in card

Colour in and decorate this picture to show mum just how much you love her.


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