Are you wondering what you’ll do for school lunchboxes for the rest of the year? These recipe books may just be the answer.

One Handed Cooks: Boosting Your Basics     

Allie Gaunt, Jess Beaton and Sarah Buckle

Viking Australia | $39.99

One-handed cooks book cover

Coming from the team behind popular baby and toddler food blog One Handed Cooks, you know this will be the perfect recipe book for any mum with young children. Featuring quick and simple recipes using easy-to-find ingredients, this book will help revitalise your cooking. Not only that, it offers strategies—and recipes—to cope with some common challenges related to feeding children: food jags, lunchboxes, nourishing sweet foods, a healthy party and, praiseworthily, even has a section dedicated to vegetarian family meals.

The Australian Women’s Weekly Lunch Box

Bauer Media Books | $24.99

The Australian Women’s Weekly Lunch Box book cover

If you try each recipe in this book, you’ll have a lunchbox idea for just about two school terms. Every recipe (all 100 of them) has been designed to travel and stay fresh, and “triple tested for success every time”. A helpful feature is the variety of options available, including meatless recipes, nut-free recipes to adhere to school guidelines, gluten-free recipes for coeliacs and vegie-heavy recipes for maximum nutritional boost. Most recipes take about 30 minutes to prepare and cook, making them ideal for the busy mum.

10-A-Day the Easy Way

James Wong

Mitchell Beazley | $35.00

10-A-Day the Easy Way book cover

Set your children up for life by helping them develop a taste (and habit) for a diet that will help them avoid many of the lifestyle diseases that affect the Western world—one rich in fruit and vegetables. Filled with actual photos, this book shows you visually just how little—and therefore easy—it is to have 10 serves of fruit and vegetables a day. This is an educational book that teaches you how to properly cook and consume fruit and vegetables to optimise their full nutritional content. The recipes (some are vegetarian) work for lunchboxes and are fantastic for the evening family meal too.

Bonus: Our very own free recipe ebook

School lunch ideas free recipe ebook

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