A classic Queenslander was transformed into a real life version of the Bluey house—bedroom, bathroom, playroom, everything.

The small cottage in the Brisbane suburb of Paddington was meticulously renovated over months to look just like the Heeler family home, from the hit cartoon series Bluey.

Bluey house
Fans will notice familiar Bluey features like the red letterbox and charming bay window. 

Featuring two bedrooms, three beds and one bath, everything was designed in painstaking detail, right down to the watermelon rug in Bluey and Bingo’s shared bedroom.

Bluey bedroom
Two lucky children spent a weekend sleeping in Bluey and Bingo’s bedroom, fitted with a custom stained-glass window feature, colourful hanging lanterns, cloud cushions and a hand-crafted watermelon rug.

According to ABC News, when news of the house’s exact location leaked, security and traffic controllers had to be brought in to manage crowds eager to have a look.

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The Bluey house was part of a project between Airbnb and BBC Studios and was available to be booked by the first family lucky enough to click through at 8am AEDT on February 15. It was a promotion that no doubt sent parents and children alike into quite a fan frenzy. After all, we know most adults are also secret Bluey fans.

Bluey living room
One lucky family had the opportunity to spend a magical weekend playing “keepy uppy” in the Heelers’ living room.

“I can just imagine all the adults sitting by their phones/laptops waiting for [the time] to hit to be the first ones [to book],” said Ange B.

The two-night opportunity from February 18–20 to live like the Heelers “for real life” cost just A$20 “dollarbucks” (plus taxes and fees) and even included an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Ludo Studio, where Bluey is created.

Bluey kitchen
The weekend getaway included an afternoon decorating the Heelers’ famous duck cake in the bright and airy kitchen and snacks from a fully stocked fridge.

“We’re delighted to add Bluey, Bingo, Chilli and Bandit to our growing community of Airbnb hosts,” Susan Wheeldon, Airbnb country manager for Australia and New Zealand, said in a statement. “And while we have some incredible homes on Airbnb, there will be nothing quite like waking up in the Heeler house and getting to live and breathe in Bluey’s magical world for one wondrous weekend.”

Bluey playroom
Bluey fans will instantly recognise Chattermax in the girls’ playroom, filled with plenty of other toys including the magic xylophone.

With Bluey now screening in more than 60 countries, this was a promotion with worldwide appeal. As New Zealand-based Salvin S exclaimed, “If only I lived in Australia, my girls will love this!”

Bluey bathroom
No doubt the kids would have had a round of “Burger Shop” in the bathtub.
Bluey master bedroom
Bandit and Chilli’s airy and plant-filled master bedroom came complete with queen-sized bed, rattan furnishings and neutral hues.  
Bluey house back verandah
Custom toadstool seats and bespoke dog garden gnomes littered the back verandah.
Bluey house back deck
Spring rolls were included in the Chinese takeaway feast as part of the weekend.
Bluey house backyard
Kids had free access to a sandpit, trampoline, Grannies’ car and other assorted toys in the backyard.

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