“I wanted to share a little idea instead of asking for advice this time,” Emily shared in her post in our Facebook group.

It was a little idea that generated a great number of likes and comments, and like all the other mums in our group, we loved it so much, we had to share it with you (with Emily’s permission, of course).

As another mum commented, “I wish I saw this nine months ago, awesome!!!”

From around eight weeks old, Emily’s baby was doing what most other babies that age do: Kicking up a storm while on the change table and hitting (and hurting) their heels on the wood.

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“She’s a little too young to grasp the concept that if she stops, she wouldn’t get hurt,” says Emily. “So we cut a pool noodle to size, cut a split down the centre, and voila. I’ll just give myself a pat on the back.”

change table hack 1

change table hack 2

We’ll pat her on her back for her genius hack too!

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