Can the Ergoflex memory foam pillow really give a sleep-deprived mum a better sleep experience? We give it a test run. (Don’t miss the chance to win a pair for yourself!)

Sleep. It probably wasn’t until I became a mum that I realised just how much I loved it. Sure, I enjoyed my weekend sleep-ins before I had my son, but I never saw it as an indulgence and I most definitely took it for granted.

The first few weeks of being a mum is absolutely brutal. The act of birthing a whole other human being is worse than participating in a triathlon, and you aren’t even allowed any recovery time afterwards. You’re thrust into an endless cycle of “eat, sleep (really, catnap), poop, repeat” immediately after baby is born.

If you have support people around you, the ordeal is less gruelling. However, the lack of sleep will still impact you. That’s when you realise why depriving someone of sleep is an actual torture strategy. It wears you down.

Even when your child grows up, it’s never the same again. My body is so used to being woken up in the middle of the night, it’s now rare for me to sleep through, even if my son does.

Meet Ergoflex

When the amount of sleep you get isn’t ideal, you want the experience to at least be great for the little that you do get. Ergoflex is the original premium mattress-in-a-box brand and claims to have helped plenty “sleep better, feel better and live better”.

New South Wales-based brothers-in-law Matthew and Charles are responsible for introducing Ergoflex—and the concept of directly buying compression-packed, vacuum-seal, rolled and boxed mattresses—to Australians. Today, the company sells premium memory foam mattresses, upholstered bed heads and bed bases, memory foam pillows, sheets and waterproof mattress protectors.

Ergoflex generously offered Mums At The Table the opportunity to trial and review their HD Memory Foam Pillow. It’s made from the same foam used in their mattress. “Our high-density pillow delivers superior ergonomic posture support for your head, neck and spine and helps to alleviate neck pain,” the product promises. “Let it shape around you for immediate pressure-relief and instant comfort that lasts the entire night, every night.”

Enter below to win two Ergoflex® HD Memory Foam Pillows valued at $399.98. Enjoy the restful sleep you deserve and wake up refreshed and energised. Here’s what we think about the pillows.

First impressions of the Ergoflex pillow

Australia Post conveniently delivered my new Ergoflex pillow in a box. It was as easy as pulling the pillow out of the box and then removing the thin, protective plastic wrapping.

I loved the fact the pillow came in its own removable protective pillow cover. It meant all it needed was a pillow case. The cover, made from TENCEL®, promises “breathability and comfort”.

The new pillow easily slipped into my pillow case. This was a surprise because it’s always been a struggle for my existing pillow. As a side sleeper, I prefer a big (high?) pillow as I find it better supports my neck. It’s also what makes finding pillow cases that fit challenging.

Naturally, the first thing I noticed about my new Ergoflex pillow was its size. It was smaller (flatter?) than pillows I was normally used to. Also, it felt heavier and denser, and lacked any sort of fluffing usually associated with pillows.

The Ergoflex pillow is significantly smaller in size than my normal pillow.

Will it actually give me a good night’s sleep? I was dubious. I was sure I needed a bigger pillow to support my neck and I wasn’t too keen on placing my head on what seemed like a rock to sleep.

The Ergoflex experience

That night, I tentatively placed my head on the pillow. On first impressions, it definitely felt harder than other pillows I was used to. However, within a few seconds, as the pillow moulded around my head, it unexplainably felt softer. The only way to describe it is like I had laid my head on very supportive clouds. It was unbelievable.

At this point in time, I should mention my seven-year-old gave the pillow a try one morning. “It’s so hard!” he exclaimed as he threw the back of his head into the pillow. You will find that to be true if you too, have a habit of meeting your pillow with force every night. The trick I found with the Ergoflex pillow is to treat it gently. Caress it and it too, will envelope you in a soft embrace.

Next came the height test, which was yet another surprise. It was actually comfortable. My neck felt adequately supported—all through the night. The one downside to my previous pillow was its “overenthusiastic” support whenever I laid on my back, which I sometimes turn to during my sleep. The Ergoflex pillow miraculously provided the same great support whether I was on my side or my back.

I am impressed, even though it’s only been a few nights since I started sleeping on the Ergoflex pillow. Its promises of comfort, support and quality have held up so far. My sleep is still broken (because my body is broken), don’t get me wrong, but at least it’s a comfortable one when my eyes are shut.

The final thing to test with the Ergoflex pillow is its durability, which isn’t covered in this review. I replace my usual pillows at least once a year because they can get too low for me.

Will the Ergoflex pillow continue to provide me with the support I need in that timeframe? I’d like to think it would, since Ergoflex pillows are guaranteed against defects of workmanship or materials for a period of two years.

Winner announced

Congratulations to Raschelle P from Victoria!

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