Parenting values are like a compass. They give us direction in how we want to parent, and guide choices and decisions. They also give us something to return to when we inevitably fall off the track. Most importantly, they answer the question: “How do I want to be as a parent?”

Here are some questions to consider to help you come up with your own set of parenting values. Scroll down for a downloadable format for you to print and fill up.

Questions to develop your parenting values

  • How will we discipline our children?
  • What attitude will our children have towards money?
  • What is our parenting style?
  • What do we want most for our kids?
  • What one thing would we change about our family?
  • Whose family would we like to be like and why?
  • What’s one thing we hope our kid never does?
  • What three skills do we think our kid really needs?

Free downloadable printable

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