All that #isolife during COVID-19 restrictions was bound to result in a quarantine baby boom. Here are some pregnancy announcements to make you laugh.

Now we have proof, if these hilarious quarantine pregnancy announcements on Instagram are anything to go by.

They did not stay 1.5 metres apart

“13 weeks of living off tortillas and slushies,” this Instagram mum-to-be confessed in a post filled with plenty of congratulations for the proud parents of soon-to-arrive Baby G, who is “so loved already”.

Quarantine pregnancy annoucement 1

Source: jlowe40/Instagram

Quarantine won

In this pregnancy announcement by art, design and photo studio, aspynmadestudio, the couple make a grudging admission to “losing” to quarantine.

Quarantine pregnancy announcement 2

Source: aspynmadestudio/Instagram

Netflix and chill?

2020 may have gotten off to a bad start (and continues to bring us plenty of bad news), but Instagram user Sarah Cottington most certainly has found something to smile about. “2020 has been a whirlwind and rollercoaster for us all but I hope everyone can find something to be grateful for in this second half of the year. I know I’ll be cherishing every new moment of motherhood with this little one and welcoming all the changes with open arms and an open heart ❤️Excited for this new adventure!” 

Quarantine pregnancy announcement 3

Source: sarahmc215/Instagram

The masks say it all

It’s your typical ultrasound announcement . . . with a twist. When both mum-to-be and dad-to-be are donning face masks, you know they’re pregnant in the middle of a pandemic. “Baby bump pic, but quarantine style!” Brook Ramey declares.

Quarantine pregnancy announcement 5

Source: brookmicheleramey/Instagram

Sanitisers, gloves and masks weren’t enough

They had all the right equipment to protect them from coronavirus, but . . . 

Quarantine pregnancy announcement 6

Source: kellydaphne/Instagram

While the rest of us got fat

With gyms closed and nowhere to go, many of us were making frequent trips to the snack cupboard and gaining larger love handles. Not Devine Hernandez. “I have dreamt & prayed for this very moment since God restored my view on marriage & family. Enrique & I are so excited to love & raise this baby up to know the God that has been so good to us. . . . I love this little baby growing inside of my womb with my WHOLE life & we cannot wait to meet our little one & end this crazy year with a BANG!”

Quarantine pregnancy announcement 7

Source: _devinehernandez/Instagram

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