Get your Marie Kondo on with these simple tips to restore order to your closet. Plus we have a free printable you can use to organise your kid’s wardrobe.

There are certain areas of the house where order doesn’t last for long. The wardrobe fits into that category quite well. While spending a whole day—or just hours—organising and cleaning the area may not be tempting, leaving the task for yet another week or even the next season will not make it any easier.

Instead of waiting for inspiration, why not trigger it? Here are a few ideas:

1. Make a plan

It’s often difficult to hit just the right time. Instead, try dividing the sections of the wardobe and deal with them one at a time for a week. Before you know it, you will be done, without stress and exhaustion.

2. Get some company

Inviting a girlfriend over can transform the organising of the wardrobe into a real party. You can share memories of some of the best times you had together wearing that dress or make a game out of it by thinking of new fun outfit combinations.

Try that for your child’s wardrobe too. You and your little one can work as a team, making sure that everyone has a task and is responsible for a specific area of the closet. This could turn out to be a great fun day to spend together.

3. The right music

The trick is to find the type of music that can boost your mood and make you feel energised. Think of favourite fast songs or the music you listen to at the gym when you want to get maximum results.

4. Seek balance

Start examining everything you keep in your wardrobe and decide how much of it you really need. Excessive buying in combination with the production of more clothing lines every year is turning into a problem that is affecting more than just our lives, but also the environment. Changing our habits can really make a difference. Begin by putting aside all the clothes that you haven’t been wearing for the past year or two. You can either donate them or gift them to a friend.

5. Just the necessary

The next time you are in a store, ready to buy that new pair of shoes or blouse, think about what you already have. Do you own something similar? Are you going to wear them on a daily basis or just for a special occasion? Is the investment worth it? Purchasing just the necessary allows you to save money while maintaining the right “balance” in your wardrobe. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pamper ourselves now and then, as long as we don’t go overboard.

6. Create more space

Separate all the items by season and keep only the things suitable for now in the wardrobe. The rest can be stored away until the right time. Use boxes that can be shoved under the bed or give vacuum storage bags a try to save space. You may also want to try:

  • Vertical hangers. They are quite useful, inexpensive and easy to find. The perfect solution when you want to keep the area neat and clean.
  • Door racks. Every part of the wardrobe needs to be explored, so the door becomes the ideal spot for shoes, bags, belts and other accessories.
  • Weekly outfit. Avoid the rush in the mornings, when wondering what to wear turns into a nightmare. Instead, check the weather forecast for the week and put together outfits for each day. Place them on different hangers and label them, so you don’t make a mistake.

7. The drawers

Create different divisions, which will prevent the items in the drawers from mixing up. Shoe boxes can be more useful than just protecting our favourite shoes. They can be placed in drawers and used for keeping underwear, socks and other delicates in the right order. For even better results, you can shape a specific compartment for each pair, using pieces of cardboard. Cut pieces depending on the number of sections you wish to make and then use a glue gun to keep them together.

8. The kids’ wardrobe

Donate regularly

Your children’s closet requires more frequent decluttering due to the fact that kids grow fast and constantly change style preferences. This means there could be a lot of items taking up valuable space. So why not plan seasonal decluttering sessions you can do together? When you are done with clothes and shoes, move on to toys.


If you notice that keeping track of things is not your child’s strong point, help by introducing this system. You need boxes in different colours, each of which will hold a specific type of wear. Once the child memorises the different boxes, it will be easier for them to stay organised and be responsible when handling the possessions.

A miscellaneous basket

This simple idea can take care of the mess not just in the closet but in the whole room and other parts of the house too! Instruct your child to place clothes and other items inside the basket when they are not sure where the things belong. The basket will serve as a storage place that you can sort through at a convenient time.


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