Each year when birthday time rolls around, parents can feel a little lost for ideas, scratching their heads, hoping their kids won’t notice. We’ve all been there and know how it feels to have the pressure of putting on a great birthday party that is fun and cool for everyone, while not actually knowing what to do. Party planning can be daunting, to say the least!

That’s why we’ve created this ultimate kiddies’ birthday party idea guide. We’ve compiled all the tips and tricks for making the special day a memorable experience that your kid will never forget.

4 awesome types of kiddies’ birthday party

Almost every kid has a special interest. Maybe it’s science, skateboarding, surfing or even snakes. Thinking about what your child loves to do will help when planning a party.

If they love Lego, why not have a Lego-themed party? Younger children especially love Lego and it leads to hours of fun.

If your child is going through an adventurous outdoor phase, why not put on a scavenger hunt? Who doesn’t like finding treasure?

A child’s party really is as simple as compiling their favourite food, people and activities, and then creating a space for them to hang out and play. You can also think about a party theme, which can help simplify party planning a lot.

Here are some popular birthday party types that kids love, and should be available in your local area.

1. Animal or reptile party

If you’re looking for the most popular kids’ birthday party ideas, this one is at the top of the list. Almost all kids love animals, whether it’s horses, sea creatures or creeping slithery kinds.

When throwing an animal-themed party, your options are endless and you can make it as elaborate or simple as you like. Think about your local zoo, aquarium or animal park, or hire the local reptile business (often a favourite for a birthday boy) to come to your house with their live collection.

Animal parties are especially fun for younger kids and with enough planning, you might just get the older children lining up to hold the snake. Why not make it a birthday party theme and create the space to look like a jungle or farm yard?

Another great idea is to visit the local horse riding school or trail riding business and give everyone a horse ride. Whatever you choose to do, having a couple of live creatures will be loads of fun and will make the time pass quickly.

For animal-themed birthday cake ideas, check out this article.

2. Active party: Indoor or outdoor

Bounce trampoline park Homebush

Hosting an “active” party is basically the concept of letting kids run around freely. If the weather is a little too risky and you want some good indoor options, then a popular choice is an indoor trampoline park. Kids can challenge themselves on the obstacle courses, learn some freestyle bouncing tricks or have a go on the high ropes.

Other indoor fun ideas to keep kids active include:

  • ice-skating
  • indoor rock climbing
  • indoor skydiving
  • roller skating rink
  • 10-pin bowling

For outdoor options, think:

  • beach party
  • surfing party
  • skateboarding party
  • go-karting
  • sport-themed party (soccer, basketball, tennis)
  • mini golf
  • canoeing/kayaking
  • outdoor treasure hunt, perhaps at a local park
  • rendition of The Amazing Race
  • pool party
  • high ropes obstacle course
  • outdoor theme parks

Active parties are the perfect way to keep kids busy and not eat too many lollies. It can also help to wear them out so they can sleep that night.

Depending on the option you choose, you may not need a lot of party supplies or even goody bags, as many indoor play businesses will have that included in their package. You also won’t need to plan fun activities as these are a given.

3. Creative party

If your child is especially creative, why not create a space where the party activities nurture creativity and innovation? Make sure you know what your child really enjoys creating and then collect the materials needed to create it.

Some creative options are:

  • puppet show (you provide the resources and the kids make the play)
  • MasterChef cook-off
  • pottery party
  • woodwork
  • arts and crafts

Your imagination is the key here. Kmart, Spotlight or the $2 store is the place to go for supplies.

4. Let the games begin

If you want to host your child’s birthday party at home but make it super special, then the best way to do it, without breaking the bank, is to have a great list of games with some fun music.

Some games are better played in small groups, while others require more people. Ensure you take into account how many players are required so that none of your party guests feels left out or misses a turn. A super popular and classic game for this day is musical chairs.

Other party games that make for a good time are:

  • pin the tail on the donkey
  • piñata
  • egg-and-spoon race
  • sack race
  • three-legged race
  • Twister
  • Simon says

Depending on the group size and age group, you can also play board games or kids’ card games, like Uno. Or if your child loves Monopoly, for example, why not have a Monopoly-themed party?

Final kids’ parties tips and tricks

Birthday parties can leave you dreading the next one, but party planning can be fairly smooth and straightforward if you remember these three important points:

  1. friends
  2. food
  3. fun

For your child’s special day to be complete, what more could they want than to be surrounded by their good friends and family, have yummy food and have lots of fun? Birthday party ideas can seem hard, but when you keep these three things in mind, you can’t go wrong.

Aside from the cake, presents and games, it can also be a good opportunity to enrich the special occasion, by encouraging your child to reflect on the past year, what they are grateful for and how they have grown.

Happy birthday and best wishes from us!

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