Here are 6 kids’ classes you may want to consider as a fun after-school activity for your little one this year.

After-school activities can help to develop our children physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. It also provides them with a new experience outside of the academic environment of school, and can potentially set them up with a lifelong passion and hobby.

Here are some fun kids’ classes your child could try this year.

1. Kids’ dance classes

Whether it be ballet, hip hop or tap, kids’ dance classes are both a creative and physical outlet. Dance can help your child to develop better coordination, agility and flexibility, all of which are helpful to have right up till their old age. Performing in front of an audience can also build their confidence, while dancing with others can improve their social skills.

2. Cooking classes

While cooking is probably a necessary skill your kid should learn anyway, attending cooking classes have plenty of other benefits. Reading recipes can help improve their comprehension while measuring ingredients can prove beneficial in the maths department.

Watch resident nutritionist Amanda Muhl give the lowdown on how and why you should be getting your kids to help in the kitchen.

3. Kids’ boxing classes

If you have a young child, there’s a high chance you’ve seen them trying out some punches and kicks. While many parents may think of karate classes, why not try boxing instead? As a physical sport, boxing will improve their fitness level, but it can also help with confidence, motivation and self-discipline.

4. Drama classes for kids

Let’s face it: Most kids are natural actors anyway, especially when it comes to turning on the tears. Hone your child’s penchant for acting with drama classes that will also provide them with many other benefits. At a drama class, children learn oratory skills such as how to project their voice and public speaking. Learning drama will also help them to “read” people, further developing their emotional intelligence.

5. Coding classes

Unlike most of us, our children grow up with computers and the internet and these are technology that will stay with us for a long time. Coding classes will help them keep up-to-date with the different iteration technology will take when it’s time for them to take up professional careers. It also trains their creative problem-solving skills, logical thinking and even persistence and resilience. It can also offer them screen time in a healthy way.

Why is creative thinking so important? Dr Amantha Imber explains.

6. Kids’ ninja classes

Children all over the world have caught on to the Ninja Warrior fever and it’s not surprising. The idea of being able to run stealthily across roof tops dressed in black can be hard to resist. While real ninja classes don’t quite involve dressing completely in black, they are a full-body workout that helps to improve your child’s spatial awareness, agility and balance, and also teaches them how to fall safely. If there are no ninja courses near you, look for parkour or even gym classes.

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