Prince Louis’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee performances on the first and final days prove four-year-olds are all the same, royal or not.

Four-year-olds are candid, full-on and completely lovable. And if Prince Louis’s antics at his grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations are anything to go by, even blue blood can’t stop you from behaving like a, well, four-year-old.

When military planes flew overhead in honour on the first day of celebrations, Prince Louis, youngest of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s three royal children, did not hesitate to express just how loud he thought the aircraft were.

A series of photos in an article by BuzzFeed News showed the prince’s many candid reactions, most of which were pretty hilarious—if you weren’t his mum, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, that is.

Prince Louis Jubilee Planes
Chris Jackson / Getty Images / BuzzFeed.News

By the fourth and final day, Prince Louis had obviously run out of patience at (Grandma) Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, as ABC News reports.

It started when his mum, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, leans over, presumably asking he stop sucking his thumb. The four-year-old responds like all kids that age: by refusing. As his mother continues talking to him, he attempts to stop her by covering her mouth.

Prince Louis Kate Middleton Jubilee
ABC News

Next follows a series of taunts including dismissive hand waving and sticking out of tongues. You can tell Mum is administering some stern words while trying to maintain composure and take control of the situation. All this knowing full well millions of pairs of eyes are on her.

Prince Louis Kate Middleton Jubilee tongue
ABC News

Meanwhile, Princess Charlotte starts feeling warm, removes her coat and like all children everywhere, hands it over to The Holder of Things, aka Mum.

Prince Louis Kate Middleton Jubilee Princess Charlotte coat
ABC News

In the midst of dealing with her youngest’s tantrum, Mum calmly receives the coat like it’s something she’s done numerous times, folds it and neatly tucks it out of sight.

She turns her attention back to Prince Louis, who, with his furious head shaking and finger wagging, obviously still won’t have a bar of what Mum is saying.

Prince Louis Kate Middleton Jubilee hand
ABC News

With pretty much the entire world literally watching (unlike when our own kid misbehaves in public and we *think* everyone is watching), Mum simply leaves the royal princeling to sulk alone.

Prince Louis Kate Middleton Jubilee sulk
ABC News

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, we see you and we feel you.

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For the full one-minute video of the entire incident, read the ABC News article.

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