In this month’s online masterclass, we spoke to speech pathologist, Dr Lydia Timms, who is also a lecturer from Curtin University.


What’s covered

1:09 When should you see a speech pathologist?

2:14 How do I know if my child’s language development is normal?

4:10 What are the various expectations of language development during the first two years of a child’s life?

6:10 Is it normal for a child to understand better than speak?

7:00 Should I force my child to speak instead of gesture?

8:07 Should I expect the same rate of development for all my children or will it differ even though they’re all from the same family?

9:34 What can I do to encourage my child’s speech and language development?

12:08 When do I correct my child’s pronunciation of words?

12:39 When do speech impediments like lisps or stammering become a problem?

15:46 Is delayed speech development related to any other developmental issues?

17:00 Is delayed speech development related to hearing problems?

18:19 Can grommets help speech development?

19:14 What’s the best way to find a speech pathologist?

Links for more information on speech and language development at home

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