Have an amazing teacher in your child’s life you want to thank? We share six of the most wanted types of teacher gifts they’ll love.

Teachers are a huge part of your child’s life. On average, a child will spend 11,000 hours of their life in a classroom throughout primary and high school. That’s a lot of hours that teachers are investing in. Whether it’s for Teacher Appreciation Week or Christmas, here are some ideas for how you can show some much-welcome recognition for all their hard work.

If you want to choose a teacher gift that speaks volumes and will be used and treasured for years to come, then look no further. We’ve got the ultimate gift list that you can’t go wrong with.

Before we talk about teacher gifts

A lot of things could make a nice gift but it doesn’t mean your child’s teacher will find a use for it. Rather than bombarding them with lots of lovely but useless gifts, think about something that is really intentional and possibly also make their life easier.

Intentional could look like a handwritten note from you and your child. It could specifically outline why you appreciate them, what positive impact they’ve made and why you love having them lead the class. Don’t just say, “You’re the best teacher.” Tell them why they are one.

A practical gift might be something they could use for themselves, or perhaps a dream item they want for the classroom.

After you have thought about intentionality and practicality, you need to think about customising. A personalised gift shows you took care and paid attention to detail. No doubt you should at least know a little bit about their hobby, their favourite food or their favourite colour. Maybe they love dogs, Mexican food or surfing. Think about how you could customise the gift to make it unique for them.

If your gift is intentional, practical and custom-made, it will touch their heart and make them feel like all their hard work is recognised.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the most wanted teacher gifts.

6 gift ideas for a great teacher

Here are some gift suggestions for those amazing teachers who do a phenomenal job every day.

1. Drinkware

Source: Bright Star Kids

Drink bottles, mugs or thermos are super trendy, very practical and come in different colours, sizes and styles. They’re a great gift because they’re so versatile. Who doesn’t want a nice bottle to take with them to keep hydrated?

Drinkware can come in the form of water bottles, hot drink flasks, a travel mug, soup thermos and more. If your teacher likes infused water, those are available too. The options are endless with drinkware. Stainless steel ones will also last a very long time.

To make it more personal, choose a bottle that matches your teacher’s style or in their favourite colour. You can even have their name engraved on it. Pair it with a heartfelt handwritten note and it will be a spectacular finish to their long school day!

2. Stationery

Source: Bright Star Kids

If you’ve seen any teacher’s desk, you will notice they use stationery items all the time. If you have a teacher who loves literature or writing (think English teacher), a thoughtful gift could be a personalised journal, planner or diary with a good quality ballpoint non-smudging pen. Another option could be a desk calendar that has been intentionally chosen to suit their tastes.

There’s a wide range of options available when it comes to stationery, with lots of customisable aspects. If your teacher loves a good laugh, there are lots of ways you can turn stationery into a funny gift. Think about their sense of humour and personality and there’s bound to be something to suit.

3. Edible gifts

Source: Biome

If your teacher is a big foodie, you can put your money towards getting an incredible food hamper. Nowadays, there are so many different categories to choose from, from gourmet selections to simple movie night snacks and everything in between.

Try to keep the food vibrant and healthy. Alternatively, if your teacher has a sweet tooth, you could make your little personalised hamper with things you know will hit the spot. Local cake decorators can even customise biscuits, cakes and muffins.

4. Personalised teacher gifts

Source: Bright Star Kids

This is an area you could spend hours on because there is such a huge range of options. Think personalised keyrings, hand sanitiser and more. Here are the top three personalised, intentional and practical gift choices sure to suit most teachers.

  • Tote bag: Tote bags are a perfect gift for teachers to carry books, pens, arts and crafts, and all sorts of other miscellaneous school supplies they need. You can buy good quality bags, with reinforced bottoms and sides, and have the colour and face of the bag suit their style.
  • Teacher stamp: Teacher stamps are great for kindergarten, prep and the early grades of school. It’s a fun way for teachers to mark homework and also a nice addition for kids and parents to see when reviewing.
  • Flower pot: Most classrooms could do with a little bit more greenery. Why not make it extra special by personalising it to your teacher’s preferences? Of course, the plant of choice needs to be safe, allergy-friendly and not sharp or prickly. There are lots of plants that have health benefits and may even help the classroom to feel a little bit more relaxing.

5. Experiences

Many teachers spend lots of their personal time and money on making the school experience better for kids. Whether they’re making lesson plans over the weekend or buying a new laminator with their own funds, they often don’t get the proper downtime they need.

Imagine how your teacher would feel if, after a long day, they get handed a thoughtful card with a gift card enclosed to the local day spa. Or perhaps they would like a travel gift card for a short holiday getaway.

There are a lot of relaxing or adventurous experiences you can buy and give as a gift card. What can be a more beautiful gift to a teacher who has worked so hard during the school year than an experience that means recharging and rejuvenation?

6. Gift cards

How do you gift a teacher who already has it all? If you’ve been scrolling the internet for the best teacher gift ideas but still can’t find a gift you think will be useful, why not try a personalised gift card? You can buy custom gift cards online that you can preload with your desired amount of money, and then have them shipped within 24 hours. This can also be a great end-of-year gift that can help make their holidays extra special.

It’s the thought that counts

Remember, it’s the thought that counts not the price tag. If you think your kid’s teacher is the best, then let them know that in a special way, while keeping in mind what will be most meaningful to them. The gift might be big or small. The lovely gift could be as simple as a heartfelt childish drawing. Because after all, appreciation and recognition is sometimes the greatest gift you can give.

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