Children spending too much time indoors watching TV? Here are 9 indoor things to do with kids that sneakily encourage learning.

While screen time is acceptable in moderation, too much can still be bad for them. The good news is there are plenty of other fun kids’ activities these days you can do in your home. Even better, these fun activities will not only keep them entertained, it’ll also allow them to learn something new in a fun environment.

Here are some fun indoor things to do with kids that you can try at home, especially on a rainy day.

1. Virtual classes and workshops

Virtual classes and workshops for kids have risen in popularity among parents in recent times. While many people initially thought that virtual classes would not replace live interaction, many parents have had positive experiences with their kids who attended these courses. Virtual painting workshops and cooking classes are some of the popular activities that kids enjoy in virtual classrooms.

Not only do these online learning programs allow your child to learn from some of the best teachers in the world, but they also provide interactive learning and let your child communicate with other students and teachers through web feeds and forums. They can ask questions related to the subject matter and get instant feedback on their assignments too. Moreover, your children will never feel left behind while studying in a virtual class as they can access all their study material anytime, anywhere they want.

Remember to enrol kids in activities that they show interest in or want to be good at. If they are only doing it because you make them do it, it’ll probably not last long. Find out what interests them and what they like, and let their passion drive them forward.

(Side note: If you’re an arty mum looking for extra income, you could even take up an art franchise to deliver art workshops to young kids.)

2. Storytelling

A young boy and girl in action in front of a homemade stage backdrop. The young girl is wearing a homemade crown and smiling. The young boy has arms raised and is in mid-jump. Things to do with kids - storytelling

Storytelling is an age-old tradition that has survived all these years because it’s so much fun. Use this activity to help your children learn new things and expand their imagination. You can schedule storytelling sessions with your kids or even wrap up their daily school lessons into a story to let them see the connection between what they are learning and how it can be used in real life.

You can also try out some role-playing games where you take on the roles of characters from books, TV shows or movies, and allow your kids to interact with you in that persona. This will introduce your children to various personalities from a young age and encourage them to think before they speak and act, just like in real life.

3. Reading books

One of the best things to increase your kids’ knowledge is through books, but you don’t just have to go to the state library to borrow some. Encourage them to enjoy reading by allowing them to peruse the vast inventory of children’s literature available online. Reading instills a sense of imagination and adventure within your child, while doing it online gives them the illusion of screen time.

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4. Origami

Origami, or paper folding, develops your child’s maths skills, builds their cognitive abilities and trains them to problem solve. Encourage them to go beyond simple shapes like a crane or a box and to take on more complex designs. It will help expand their artistic abilities and encourage them to express themselves through 3D art.

For the older kids, the legendary and challenging dragon diagram is something that should definitely be experienced. Not only does it give kids tremendous satisfaction when completed, but it also makes for an awe-inspiring decoration piece.

5. Craft

Kids can quickly get bored of studying at home if they are only made to read textbooks and complete school assignments all day. Introduce them to some creative craft that they can do while practising valuable skills that may come in handy in the future.

If your kids enjoy painting, invest in a few canvases so they have something to paint on whenever they wish. Let your child explore other art forms such as sculpting or making pottery by using clay. Baking cupcakes and biscuits is another activity that allows children to be creative while learning about science, social skills and food nutrition at the same time.

6. Board games

Board games are an excellent way to ensure that your children learn something new while enjoying themselves. There are lots of board games which you can play with your kids, which help expand your child’s imagination and offer them valuable life skills.

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games and has helped countless people develop an aptitude for business strategy. It also teaches them about managing their finances well and encourages them to save money for future investments.

Another classic board game to introduce to your children is Scrabble. It helps to improve their vocabulary and teaches them how to spell new words. It can also help your child enhance their creativity and imagination as they try to form words from the tile pieces you provide them.

7. Puzzles

three children solving a jigsaw puzzle on a carpeted floor. things to do with kids - puzzles

Puzzles help kids to develop their logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Depending on their age group, there are appropriate levels of difficulty in completing these brain teasers. Young children can go for simple 15 or 20-piece puzzles, while older kids can enjoy assembling pictures of a thousand pieces. Find a challenging enough puzzle and it can become a whole family affair.

8. Science experiments

Science experiments are not just fun things to do indoors, they also help educate children on basic physics concepts like gravity, light and magnetism. Your kids can also explore chemistry by making slime or kinetic sand. These activities will teach them how fluids behave while learning how various substances interact with one another too. For budding astronauts, you should take your kids out into the backyard so that they can scrutinise outer space using telescopes for children.

9. Documentaries

Watching documentaries is a great way to introduce your kids to the world around them. There are many documentaries designed with children in mind, each one focusing on a different topic or skill. For example, animal documentaries for children allow them to learn more about the wild kingdom while watching fascinating creatures interact in their natural habitat.

Fun things to do with kids can be educational too

If you make it a point to introduce fun educational activities, your kids will develop new skills, reinforce the skills they already have and enhance their creativity. As long as these activities hold their interest and keep them constantly wanting more, you can be confident that they will learn a lot in the process.

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