Watching your baby grow up can be a bittersweet affair. You’re happy to see them thrive, you’re ecstatic your sleepless nights are near the end and yet, you can’t help but feel a little sad that your baby is well, no longer a baby.

That was exactly what Abbie McKoy felt when her son turned one. It inspired her to write the song “I’ll Miss You”, which she says “is all about the long nights of parenting and how you miss your kids as they get older”.

When she first shared the song on her Facebook page, it received more than 20,000 views in a week and was shared over 150 times. “Every mum I’ve played it for has cried and said they could relate,” she says.

Watch the “I’ll Miss You” video below.

The video features her oldest son, Jackson, who she wrote the song for, and second child, Noah.

“I always had a grand plan to make Jackson a little video with all his baby milestones so he’d have it to look back on,” she says. “Of course parenthood means it only takes an extra year and-a-half to get it done [but] I am so glad Noah could be included too.”

Abbie lives in Wellington, New Zealand, with her two sons, husband and labradoodle. After 10 years of not singing, she become inspired to sing again after having children. She has started writing more songs since and hopes to share a mother’s journey through her lyrics.

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