Bluey’s World promises children will get to “experience a day in the life of the Heeler family”. For real life. Wackadoo!

Imagine being able to experience what it’s like to live like Australia’s favourite cartoon dog, Bluey. A place where you can see in life-size dimensions, Bluey’s house, backyard and other iconic episode locations.

Airbnb recreated Bluey’s house in the Brisbane suburb of Paddington a few years back, but this is on a whole new different level. This is Bluey’s World.

What to expect

“Embark on a special journey with Bluey, Bingo, Bandit and Chilli,” the official website promises.

“Immerse yourself in a day in the life of the Heeler family through Bluey’s World—a life-sized immersive experience featuring your beloved characters, iconic episode locations, fun interactive games and delightful surprises.”

Bluey’s World promises to bring to life fan-favourite locations such as Bluey and Bingo’s bedrooms, their backyard with the poinciana tree and even the cul-de-sac. Organisers will achieve this “through stunning (for real) life-size sets, interactive technology, a mesmerising soundscape and captivating storytelling”.

When and where

The one-of-a-kind immersive experience is scheduled to open in August 2024. Bluey’s World will be housed in an extraordinary 4000-square-metre building at Brisbane’s Northshore Pavillion.

“Bluey’s World is twice as big as any other immersive experience that’s ever been in Australia,” Andrew Kay, producer of the show’s theatre production, told ABC News. “It’s an amazing experience, and we have three designers working on it constantly.”

Organisers currently plan to operate the multimillion-dollar attraction until Easter 2025, but may become a permanent fixture if it proves popular. It’s backed by BBC Studios and HVK productions with funding from the Queensland government and Brisbane City Council.

Fans who cannot wait can sign up to the Bluey newsletter to receive updates of when tickets become available.

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