As parents, you hold the trump card when it comes to your children. What is taught and lived in the home will significantly outweigh anything taught at school or anywhere else. Here’s how you can leverage this influence:

  • Teach the Bible well and consistently. Immerse your child in the stories of the Bible on a regular basis.

  • Fight for the right relationship with your child. This is only built up over time and immersing your child and yourself in diverse experiences.

  • Help your child to gain an experience of the awe and wonder of God. Our task is not just to fill their head with biblical truths but to let them experience and encounter all that God is. The key words here are encounter, wonder, awe and mystery.

  • Wrestle with the hard questions. Encourage your child to ask the what now, what if and what does this mean type of questions. The secret is not having all the answers but allowing the wrestling to occur in a safe environment and to be OK about that as a parent.

Teaching kids to think does not happen overnight, but it is possible with consistency, the right relationship and determination.

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