Need some Easter hat ideas for your child’s Easter hat parade? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with nine fantastic Easter hats you could make.

It’s time to gather the paper plates, pipe cleaners, hot glue guns and assorted craft supplies for the annual Easter hat parade.

Whether you’re the “just stick some bunny ears” on the kid or an “impressive Easter hat adorned with a myriad of flowers” type of mum, you’ll find the inspiration you need with our Easter hat ideas below.

1. Bunny ears twist wrap

(Source: The house that Lars built)

Technically not a hat, but who would ever disqualify or deny a gorgeous Easter bunny? This craft requires a sewing machine, but you really only need to know how to sew in a straight line.

2. Giant carrot top

(Source: Childhood 101)

This simple carrot hat could be a hilarious pairing with Easter hat idea #1 above, if you happen to have two kids attending the same Easter bonnet parade—you wouldn’t even need the toy rabbit in that case.

3. Just add glue

(Source: at home with Ali)

This cute Easter hat looks complicated, but is really just a straw hat with some decorations stuck on. Think glittery Easter eggs, little chicks and Easter-themed stickers. Depending on the decorations, you may need to use a thread and needle to sew them on, but this is still a super easy Easter bonnet.

4. Felt and pom poms

(Source: Thinly Spread)

If you don’t have a hat lying around, you could try making this crown instead. Recycle a cereal cardboard box as the shaping base for the crown. Then cover it up with green felt and decorate with colourful pom poms to create visions of a field of blooming flowers.

5. A floral affair

(Source: Made for mums)

On the topic of flowers, this simple Easter hat idea is perfect if your child would rather colourful and oversized paper flowers. The flowers are made from tissue paper and only need to be roughly cut, so even a toddler can join in the fun (read: helps develop fine motor skills).

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6. Masked rabbit

(Source: The peaceful preschool)

Paper plate? Check. Googly eyes? Check. Pink tissue paper? Check. Large ice-cream stick? Check. Glue, scissors, black marker? Check, check, check. Masked bunny for the Easter hat parade. Done and dusted.

7. Don’t lick it

(Source: What do you do all day?)

It will require a bit of an effort to make this hat, but it’s highly likely your child (or their hat at least) will win the People’s Choice Award. You may also need to consume a copious amount of chocolate to pull off all that branding at the bottom of the hat, but may be a sacrifice you’ll have to make after the kids go to bed.

8. Defy gravity

(Source: Where the smiles have been)

What can you do with a whole bunch of plastic eggs, picture frame wire, hot glue gun and a straw fedora hat? Build a gravity-defying, attention-grabbing Easter hat, that’s what.

9. Fluffy baby chick

(Source: Be a fun mum)

Here’s one way to use up all the egg cartons you have hanging around at home (or is that just us?). Except for the cutting part, most of the decorating can be done by little hands, which makes it a fun craft activity too. Win win.

10. Sun hats and felt

(Source: Bits and Bobs)

This may possibly be one of the easiest Easter bonnet ideas. All you need is a plain straw or sun hat, some stiff cardboard, felt pieces and a little bit of sticky tape or glue. Stick them all together to resemble a rabbit’s face and away you go.

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The Easter story

While Easter celebrations and Easter parades are plenty of fun, Easter has a somewhat serious origin story. Easter Friday commemorates the day Jesus died, while Easter Sunday was the day He was resurrected.

Why did Jesus have to die and how did He manage to live again? The Easter story is quite complex but in a nutshell, it’s because humans had inherited sin from our first parents, Adam and Eve. Everything that is wrong with the world is the result of sin. Sin causes pain, suffering, disappointment and ultimately, death.

In order to save humans from sin, God’s son, Jesus, became fully human and lived a human life—with one difference. He was without sin. Because Jesus was crucified and died without sin, His death was temporary, hence the resurrection.

What Jesus’ death and resurrection means for humans is that while we will continue to experience pain, suffering and death, these are now temporary. All we need to do is accept and believe that was what Jesus did for humanity. Jesus has promised to return and when He does, sin and its effects as we know it, will be erased permanently.

As for rabbits, chocolate and an Easter egg hunt during Easter? That has nothing to do with the Christian tradition and more with coincidence. Easter was also a memorial to the Roman god Ishtar (pronounced Easter), often associated with fertility, hence the rabbits. The eggs and chocolate came later thanks to the German fable of an egg-laying hare who gave gifts to children who were good.

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