If you’re planning the ultimate gender reveal party, we’ve got the best party planning tips and tricks that are both unique and fun.

For many expectant parents, learning the gender of their unborn baby is a heartwarming, once-in-a-lifetime moment. Gender reveal parties can make that moment even more memorable by getting family and friends in on the surprise with a joyous celebration.

You can also do yourself a favour by combining your baby shower with the big reveal—that way you only have to plan the one event. Whatever you decide to do, it’s worth making it personal, fun and a treasured memory for you and your family.

Stick around cause we’ve some unique ways to help you reveal your baby’s gender.

19 of the best gender reveal ideas

To leave the gender of your new baby as a surprise for you and your partner too, take an envelope with you to your ultrasound and ask the sonographer to write the baby’s sex inside. Give that envelope containing the very exciting news to either a family member, trusted friend or your cake decorator so they can purchase the correctly coloured items for the special reveal.

We’re excited to present to you our top 19 favourite gender reveal ideas for the ultimate fun and memorable surprise.

1. Smoke bombs

If you’re looking for some amazing picture ideas, this idea is excellent for its unique photography opportunities. It is often a favourite gender reveal idea for soon-to-be dads.

2. For the sports lovers

Source: Etsy

Ever heard of exploding balls? There are lots of options to choose from including footballs, golf balls, basketballs and more. The basic idea is when you hit, kick or punt the ball into the air, it explodes, revealing either a massive pink or blue dust cloud. If sport is a big part of your relationship, you may like this option for your gender reveal party.

3. Gender reveal confetti cannons

You’ll love this idea if you enjoy being covered with beautiful colourful confetti. To get your guests involved, purchase one confetti cannon per person and then they can have the joy of covering both your partner and you with a shower of colour while revealing your baby’s gender.

4. Confetti balloons

This is another eye-catching way to surprise guests. Solid colour helium balloons can be purchased and pre-filled with blue or pink confetti or smaller balloons. At the special moment, you and your partner can use a pin to pop the balloon together, revealing a great gender surprise.

5. Piñata

A piñata is another dazzling way to reveal your baby’s gender. You can even get other siblings in on the fun. There are a couple of options for piñatas, which allows for some great reveals. The traditional “hit the piñata” option can be a fun one, especially if you, your partner or your child does it blindfolded. Another option is to have a simple “pull the string” piñata to reveal the coloured confetti or sweet treats.

6. Gender reveal cake

Five layer sponge cake with a large slice cut out, revealing the middle of the cake. Little blue and white balls have tumbled out from the inside. Cake topper says he or she?

Source: Le Dolci

Side view of a slice of three layer sponge cake. The top and bottom layer is a pale yellow while the middle layer is pink. Cake topper says oh baby!

Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Food is one of the best and tastiest ways to reveal the special secret. The gender reveal cake is a fun way to keep the anticipation building. You and your partner can slowly cut the cake and bring out a slice, revealing the colour inside. Although this may sound like a simple gender reveal, it is still a huge favourite. As for the cake, it can be as elaborate or understated as you want. Cupcakes can be another fun option. You and all your guests can take a bite at the same time to find out the mystery colour inside.

7. Gender reveal biscuits

Source: Etsy

Source: Craftstorming

Like cake, biscuits always go down well and can be easily modified to suit the theme of your party and taste preferences. Cake decorators often have a package available for a cake with matching biscuits so your party food has a seamless design and taste.

8. Playdough

This is another special way to get older siblings in on the fun. The plain playdough changes colour when little hands knead the dough, revealing either a pink or blue colour.

9. You’re about to pop

Gender reveal games are another super fun way to reveal the surprise. This particular game requires only very simple party supplies, including dark-coloured balloons, paint, darts and a backboard. The balloons are all filled with white paint, except for two, which are filled with either pink or blue. The couple takes turns throwing the darts at the balloons trying to pop them and reveal the coloured paint. This is loads of fun and builds anticipation, but you might want to start practising your aim before trying this one.

10. Art or paint gender reveal

This is a great one for a special keepsake and treasured for years to come.

11. Geeky professor gender reveal

A hand stirring a tall glass pitcher filled with pink liquid and smoke bubbling over.

Source: Project Nursery

For all the science nerds out there, this experiment will be perfect for your home lab. With some simple home ingredients, you can create a colour-changing liquid that will turn either blue or pink and reveal who had the correct hypothesis. Project Nursery has the full instructions.

12. Umbrella

Cool gender reveal ideas are sometimes the most simple and easy to do. Have your umbrella pre-filled with pink or blue confetti and then stand underneath with your partner. As you open the umbrella you’ll have a shower of colour rain down on you.

13. Scratch-off cards

Source: Etsy

Scratch cards can be a fun and mysterious way of revealing your baby’s gender. These can be custom printed and your guests will feel like they’ve hit the jackpot when they figure it out.

14. Paint guns

Feeling like a game of paintball? Arm everyone with water guns, filled with blue or pink water-based thin paint, or just water and pink or blue food dye. It will make for a better finished result if everyone wears white for the occasion. Then have some fun having a water fight while revealing the special news.

15. Elephant toothpaste

Elephant toothpaste is a very unique gender reveal idea and makes for a spectacular finish. Again, it only requires very few supplies to make this ultra cool and a bit quirky gender reveal idea.

16. Burnout powder pack

If you have a safe space or live on a large property, this could be a really exhilarating way to get the guests involved. Burnout powder packs are placed on the wheels of a car and as soon as friction is applied, they dispel a colourful cloud of dust.

17. Pie face

Prepare to have your face covered in whipped cream with this idea. With a family member, child or best friend armed with a soft cream pie, you will get the privilege of tasting the pie before seeing the colour inside. Again, this makes for some funny photos and great memories.

18. Silly string

This is another fun option for the adventurous couple who doesn’t mind getting a little bit, shall we say, silly. Give every one of your guests a can of silly string and at the precise moment, be prepared to be covered in blue or pink gooey, sticky string.

19. Fortune cookies

Fortune cookies can be customised with your choice of decorations and of course, the paper insert is going to have a very special message revealing the big news.

What about a post-baby gender reveal?

While many of these gender reveal options are designed to happen while you’re still pregnant, remember you can also wait until after your baby is born. Form teams and get people to cast their votes for lashes (for a baby girl) or ‘staches (for a baby boy). Then unwrap your baby’s blanket to reveal the cute blue or pink outfit.

There are so many options for gender reveal celebrations, and it’s such a special time that is worth treasuring. We can’t wait to see what amazing gender revealing ideas you come up with.

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