This DIY sunscreen is made using zinc oxide, which is an effective sunscreen. Coconut oil and shea butter helps to moisturise your skin and keep it soft.

  • 90 g organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil 
  • 65 g carrier oil (such as almond oil)
  • 28.5 g beeswax or soy wax
  • 27.5 g organic, unrefined shea butter 
  • ½ tsp vitamin E oil
  • 40 g non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide
  1. Add coconut and carrier oils, beeswax and shea butter in a glass bowl.
  2. Melt ingredients by double boiling (placing the glass bowl over a pot of shallow, slightly simmering water). Stir with a whisk to help it along.
  3. When completely melted, carefully remove the glass bowl from the stove and wipe down any condensation (do not allow water to get into the product).
  4. Add vitamin E oil.
  5. Place glass bowl on a kitchen scale and slowly add zinc oxide, being careful not to inhale it, until the scale shows 40 g. Note: The process needs to be done slowly because as the zinc settles, the weight will increase.
  6. Whisk, whisk, whisk and whisk some more, then carefully pour into a container.
  7. Leave to set.

*Sunscreen is not waterproof and will need to be reapplied every hour, or after being in water or excessive sweating. It is always advised to cover as much skin as possible with cool, loose-fitting clothing.

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