You don’t have to workout longer and harder while away, but there are a few secrets to continuing an active lifestyle while travelling.

Holidays and travel are a great part of everyone’s year, as the long-anticipated wait to get away is finally realised and you’re out the door (hopefully not forgetting your toothbrush)! 

Travelling does pose the challenge however of staying active when you’re out of your normal routine. In fact, unlike crazy people like me who love holidays for the fitness, I’m sure you actually look forward to letting your hair down and having a great excuse to relax and take it easy—and so you should! 

But is it wise to completely drop the ball with your healthy eating and exercise while you’re away? Doing so can make the comeback more challenging than it needs to be. So while I’m definitely not suggesting you workout longer and harder, and never have a treat or decadent meal while away, here are a few tips on how to continue an active lifestyle while travelling.

  • Incorporate a walk into your daily plans with the family. 
  • Do a short cardio interval workout each morning or evening: Ten to 15 minutes will do just fine. Bodyweight exercises such as squats, push-ups, plank and jumping jacks are do-able anywhere.
  • Use your hotel room to create an exercise circuit. For example, use a chair or bed end (just make sure it’s sturdy) for triceps dips. Use the stairs for stair runs. If there is a balcony railing, use it for inclined push-ups. Sit on the end of the bed for in-out knees and swimmer legs. Complete 30 seconds per exercise, with 15-20 seconds rest in between.
  • Most hotels have a small fitness room. Make the most of it and create a circuit with whatever equipment they have, such as treadmill, bike and free weights.

No matter what kind of exercise you decide to do, I strongly encourage you to plan and visualise before you go away what you aim to accomplish. Pick a goal such as “I will commit to a 30-minute walk every second day” or “I will commit to a 15-minute cardio interval workout every morning before the day’s activities.” 

Giving yourself this small commitment will make the transition back into a normal routine a lot easier. Keep it realistic and make sure that more than anything, you enjoy yourself and come home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated without compromising on your health and fitness.              

Ten minutes every day is all you need to start on your journey to become fit and healthy.

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