When Rosie Davis, a first-time mum from Wellington, New Zealand, shared her DIY Christmas photoshoot with the members of the Mums At The Table Facebook group, she never expected it to gain that much attention.

Combining a $14 felt sleigh from Kmart, a $10 Santa hat from Farmers, a $24 red-and-white-striped Christmas onesie with green cuffs, existing Christmas decorations from around the house, and plenty of inspiration from Pinterest, Rosie created the perfect backdrop in the living room of her house.

The photoshoot with three-month-old Cole took just half-an-hour. “We had to do it as quickly as possible because he was starting to get quite grumpy,” she laughed.

While this is the first photoshoot that Rosie—who used to work in the travel industry—has organised, she said it’ll be the “first of many now that this one was such a success”.

“Christmas has always been a really big deal in our home,” she said. “When I was younger, a family tradition of ours was to travel to different countries’ Christmas markets to get a decoration for the tree. I want to make sure that Christmas will always be a big deal for my family now and come up with my own traditions.”

Her post in the group generated plenty of interest, encouraging other mums to share their Christmas photoshoots and has even inspired others to create something similar.

Check out some of the photos from Rosie’s first-ever Christmas photoshoot: 

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