Going to the beach with kids doesn’t have to be hard. With our handy dandy beach accessories list, you can’t go wrong.

Summer is here and the waves are calling. It’s time to get the beach items ready to ensure you and your family have the ultimate beach experience and not a chaotic forgetful mess.

If this is your first time, read on to find the things to bring to the beach when you have a child. Even if you’re a seasoned expert, you may find some suggestions that will change your beach experience forever.

Are you ready for everyone to relax, have fun and enjoy the day?

Beach accessories for sun and fun

The first thing many mums think of when planning a beach trip is the sun. We Aussies know the sun’s UV radiation is dangerous. It can burn us to a crisp (almost) whether it’s overcast or sunny.

When organising your beach day, think about sun protection first. This means more than sunscreen.

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Beach shelters

Most beaches have very little shade. Do yourself a favour by investing some cash into a beach tent. Beach tents are made to protect you from the sun, provide a place for a nap or breastfeeding, and double as a changing room or a place to put the food.

The best beach tent will be big enough to stand in, if that’s something you want. It should have mesh windows to allow for airflow and come with some decent tent pegs that are designed for the sand.

If you’re not super keen on a tent, then opt for one or two large beach umbrellas that are sturdy and going to provide some good quality shade.

There are other options for beach sun shade such as cabanas and gazebos. Prioritise your budget towards a good quality beach shelter so that hungry, hot and tired kids (and parents) can have a good cool place to sit and enjoy lunch.

If you find a beach shelter online, many stores will provide free shipping with a certain purchase amount, making the deal even better.

Hats, rashies and sunnies

Staying on the topic of sun protection, hats and rash shirts are a must. If you have small kids, get a good hat with a drawstring and front visor to keep that smooth baby skin safe. There’s a vast range of children’s beach hats in various colours, styles, sizes and brim widths, depending on the age of your child and how much protection you’re after.

Rashies are the same. Consider buying a fluro-coloured one to make it easier to spot the kids on the beach.

Sunnies are always another great accessory to avoid the dreaded eye squint and of course, protect the eyes from sun damage.

Beach toys

When you’re thinking of things to bring for the beach, beach toys are a must. Whether it’s a beach cricket set, bucket and spade, a beach ball or some water toys like pool accessories, it’s important to have things for the kids and adults to play with together and enjoy family time.

A lot of shops sell beach set toys that have a great variety of beach toys inside, especially for toddlers and young children.

Relaxation station

What’s a trip to the beach without some form of rest and relaxation? For the ultimate comfort, don’t forget these items.

Beach towels

Towels cannot be underestimated for the beach. They dry you out, keep you warm when you’re cooling off, make a nice bed and are great to get changed under. You might even use one as a changing table for the baby.

The best beach towel should provide all of these benefits and take up little space. If you want a cosy infant beach towel, consider getting one with a hoody and soft fleecy interior.

For adults and older kids, there are great sand-free beach towels that provide a less irritating sandy experience. They are also high water absorbing, fast drying and take up very little room in your beach bag.

Beach chairs and pillows

Nobody wants a sandy bottom at the beach. If some in the family prefer to sit rather than swim, you could go a little bit “luxurious” and get a beach chair. There are loads to choose from and while you’re at it, why not get a few beach pillows to sprawl out on for that mid-afternoon nap?

Food and drink

A beach trip is not complete without a good lunch. After all that swimming, running around and sandcastle building, everyone will be starving.

When thinking about food, it’s good to have some snacks ready on hand, to devour as soon as the tummies start rumbling. For mains, think sandwiches, wraps or pre-made savoury muffins. Then there’s finger food like antipasto board options, crackers and dips, and refreshing juicy fruit slices like watermelon, mangos and fresh berries.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of H20 and some ice in the esky to keep things cold. If you’re going all out, you could even bring home-made ice blocks.

Practicality and functionality

Last but not least, you need to think about how you’re going to get all of these items to the beach. Time to put the practicality and functionality thinking caps on.

Beach bags

Think of all the things that will go into your beach bag, like towels, sunscreen and a change of clothes. If you’re doing a beach day with a baby, you’ll also need your nappy bag with a swimming nappy, floaties and disposable bags in case things get smelly.

If you’re thinking of keys, phone and wallet safety, it’s a good idea to have a waterproof beach bag to ensure things do not get ruined.

You may also throw in other beach accessories such as a picnic rug and hats, so try to get a big sturdy bag with a few pockets to help with organisation.

Beach wagon

If you don’t want to risk parking a long distance from the beach and doing multiple trips to the car, consider buying a beach wagon to carry the bulk of the items in. Beach wagons are strong and sturdy, and can hold a lot of things.

A foldable beach cart is a great idea as it doesn’t take up too much space in your car. Once folded out, it can double as a child carrier or “stuff” carrier.

Remember not to overload your beach trolley as it is difficult to pull a heavy beach cart through soft sand. It’s definitely an “all hands on deck” experience and if everyone pitches in, it will make the job much quicker and more enjoyable for everyone.

Vitamin “sea” time

Australia has some of the most magical beaches in the world and we’re super blessed to be able to also have great weather to enjoy them.

Keep this handy list of beach items ready to ensure you have a fun family beach day.

The ultimate beach accessories list

  1. Beach shelter/tent/umbrella
  2. Hats
  3. Swimwear
  4. Floaties (if you have young children)
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Beach toys
  8. Beach towels
  9. Picnic rug
  10. Beach chairs
  11. Beach pillows
  12. Food and water
  13. Esky and ice
  14. Beach bag
  15. Nappy bag (if needed)
  16. Small waterproof beach bag (for keys, phone etc)
  17. Beach wagon

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