Fans of the movie Up can now see the beloved house of Carl and Ellie in person. Yes, the Up house even “floats”.

In 2009, Pixar’s animated movie Up touched hearts around the world. The tale of the epic love story between Carl and his wife Ellie, his fight to save their house from the construction workers, and his journey to achieve what they never got to do together, garnered many fans and the film continues to be a favourite.

Airbnb has now carefully recreated the Up house in real life.

From fiction to reality

Comparing the front of the Up house between real life and animation.

Holiday rental website Airbnb has constructed Carl’s house from scratch and painted it to match the exact Pantone colours used in the film. Situated in Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA, this unique home offers guests the chance to step into the fictional world of Carl Fredricksen, the iconic balloon salesman from the film.

Listed as being able to accommodate up to four guests in this one-bedroom, two beds (including a pull-out in the living room) and one bathroom house, visitors are invited to “take a look around. But don’t touch anything”, and can stay “just for one night, don’t get too comfy”.

Don’t clear your calendar however. Airbnb has paused future bookings after being inundated when it was listed last month.

Exploring the Up house

Comparing the bedroom in the Up house between real life and animation.

Brian Chesky, Airbnb’s co-founder and CEO, explained that each room has been meticulously designed to make guests feel as though they are inside the little house with Carl and Ellie.

Inside, guests will find Carl’s chairlift, the green helium tank and even a dog bed for Dug—or any other furry friends.

Comparing the living room with armchairs from the movie Up between real life and animation.

“No detail in this house went unnoticed,” Brian remarked. The highlight, he revealed, is “just like in the movie, this house goes up”.

The house, complete with 8000 balloons attached, weighs 18 tonnes and is suspended 15 metres above the ground by a giant crane.

The floating house in real life and animation.

Fans will also recognise details including the armchairs in the living room and a motorised chair for the stairs. The adventure book created by Ellie in the film is also on display, along with wilderness explorer Russell’s backpack.

Comparing the stairway in the Up house between real life and animation.

The listing is written from Carl’s perspective, who notes that Abiquiu is “the perfect place for wilderness adventures. It’s far from the city, offering peace and quiet. You might even see a ‘Snipe’. Enjoy your stay, but if the house lifts off and floats to Paradise Falls, you’re on your own!”

Guests will also enjoy activities that allow them to earn Junior Wilderness Explorer badges, another element from the movie. They can create their own adventure books, go on excursions and return to see the house floating.

Airbnb icons

This real-life “floating” house is part of Airbnb’s new Icons series, featuring 11 special locations. Icons houses feature extraordinary experiences that bring pop culture moments to life. This includes stays at the Team Riley headquarters from the animation Inside Out, Prince’s Purple Rain house, Marvel’s X-Mansion from the X-Men franchise and more.

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