One minute, you and your family are enjoying summer picnics, barbecues and days at the pool. The next, it’s the week before school starts and you’ve just realised how long your to-do list is!

These five tips from our supermum Michelle will help make that transition from holidays to school a lot easier. 

1. Make paper cutouts of your kids’ feet

Taking kids shoe shopping can be a nightmare for a mum. And I have nine! So I just use paper cutouts of their feet. This allows me to buy shoes when they are not with me, saving time and money. I often buy shoes that are on sale this way.

2. Eating fruit can be fun

Having trouble getting your kids to eat fruit? Googly eyes make everything fun! When I’m packing the kids’ lunches, I often stick googly eyes on their pieces of fruit. They get a real kick out of it when they open their lunchboxes.

3. You’ve got mail . . .

Do your kids have a tendency to lose permission forms or any other notes that come from school? You can solve that with a “mailbox” in their schoolbag. This is a mini file folder that they carry in their bags—any notes from school go straight into this folder. I then sign their forms, pop it back in their mailbox and it goes back to school. It works especially well for primary-aged kids.

4. Homework-ready

Kids will do anything to put off doing their homework. “But Mum, I can’t find my pencil . . .” So I have a designated homework station for the younger kids. They have their own table with plenty of pencils, textas, crayons and other supplies for homework and assignments.

5. Teenager timetable

It’s not easy to keep track of class timetables, especially when you’re a teenager and have different subjects in different classrooms every day. I’ve found it helpful for my teenagers to set their school timetable as their phone screensaver. It’s easily accessible and such a time-saver.

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