Emma Memma and Bluey fans watch out. This collab between two of our favourite kids’ entertainers will have you—we mean your kids—smiling.

It’s a dance duet you never saw coming, but one you’d be glad came into your life. Freshly returned from her first Australian tour, Emma Memma enters a dance studio to give the adorable Bingo Heeler a very special private dance lesson.

The video was shared on both Bluey’s and Emma Memma’s Instagram pages and has more than 700,000 views at last count. With golden sunlight streaming in through coloured windows into a beautiful dance studio, Bingo enters the scene first before Emma Memma bounces in and tickles Bingo’s ear.

The Emma Memma Bingo dance duet

Emma, dressed in her trademark pink and orange, is the very picture of joy and energy as she demonstrates the dance moves to Bingo. Bluey’s little sister watches attentively, before attempting the moves on her own.

It’s an absolutely heartwarming sight as the duo plié away to a song on Bluey’s Dance Mode album in the minute-and-a-half video.

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The attention to detail and realism in this short dance routine will have children awed, right down to Bingo’s lifelike shadow on the floor.

User teenytinystevies probably reflected everyone’s question with the comment, “How does one sign up for these classes?”

We can’t wait to see the Instagram remixes as children around the world attempt the dance moves for themselves. Make sure you tag us!

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