It’s a known fact that fed children are happy children. So here are four afternoon tea ideas for kids to keep them going until dinnertime.

Whether they’re young children or already in school, snack time in the afternoon is the perfect prevention for a pre-dinner meltdown. But we get it, you’re already preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner, do you really have to think about snacks too?

The thing is, the perfect children’s afternoon tea doesn’t have to be elaborate. It most certainly doesn’t have to look like a traditional afternoon tea party with sweet scones topped with strawberry jam and clotted cream, or finger sandwiches. Ain’t no mum got time for that.

If you’re looking for healthy snack ideas that will only take minutes of your time, read on.

4 easy afternoon tea ideas for kids

Packaged foods can be convenient and baked goods are often special treats even adults enjoy as a snack. But they can also be full of added sugar and artificial ingredients.

The first step to the perfect afternoon tea is to fill your fridge with plenty of fresh produce and kitchen bench with fresh fruit. This will make creating afternoon tea menus a breeze as a healthy snack is only mere minutes away.

Even better, a lot of these ideas can be made by children as young as five. Some ideas can also be prepped on days you have more time, ready to be pulled out on busier days.

Before we share our afternoon tea ideas for kids, here’s what nutritionist Amanda Muhl has to say about healthy snacks.

1. Veggie chips

Vegetables like kale or beetroot come up a vibrant red or green when baked, and are great ways to sneak more veggies into your child’s diet.

If you’re looking for something a bit more “traditional”, try these healthy homemade potato chips or sweet potato chips recipes.

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2. Real fruit ice-cream

Mango, banana or any type of berries are ingredients for the perfect snack to hit the sweet spot on a hot summer’s afternoon. And because they’re made from fruit (and coconut cream for extra creaminess), they’re healthy too!

You could also go super fancy with our delicious mango ice-cream, but don’t worry, it’s actually a really easy recipe.

3. Jazzed up fruit

Sure, a banana or a cup of berries on their own are perfectly healthy. But with a few added ingredients, you can bring them to the next level. Try:

  • Apple wedges with peanut butter (or any other nut butter)
  • Strawberries dipped in honey and yoghurt
  • Pear and cheese

One thing to note about fruit: Keep dried fruit and fruit juice to the minimum, if you can, as these often contain higher concentrations of sugar. If you do decide to feed your kids some as part of a meal or a snack, consider diluting the juice with water.

4. Jazzed up veggies

Bar a very special few, we’re fairly certain most children won’t be reaching for a carrot for a snack. Add a few special ingredients, however . . .

  • Cucumber slices with mashed avocado on top
  • Celery peanut butter boats
  • Leftover roast sweet potato
  • Leftover vegan sausage rolls

Keep afternoon tea ideas for kids simple

As you can see, afternoon tea doesn’t have to be elaborate. Stash your cake stand as it most certainly doesn’t have to be about sweet treats and cakes, or fancy princess tea.

The simpler you make the snacks and the more back to basics—think boiled eggs with salt and pepper—the healthier your kids’ afternoon tea can be.

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