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Chocolate chia pudding 

This vegan chocolate chia pudding recipe is all indulgence minus the guilt. It also makes a tasty treat for a healthy breakfast.


Brown rice porridge 

Looking for brown rice breakfast idea or tired of eating oats for breakfast every day? Learn how to cook tasty brown rice porridge with this recipe.


Homemade Christmas granola 

It’s wholesome, it’s healthy and it’s just that little bit festive. You’d want to have a bit of this Christmas granola every day.


Breakfast berry smoothie 

No time to sit down for breakfast? Why not try this quick breakfast berry smoothie for a nutritious and tasty meal on-the-go?


Carrot cake smoothie 

This is a delicious creamy smoothie with all the taste of dessert without the guilt. Enjoy this carrot cake smoothie for breakfast, as a snack or an actual dessert.


Overnight oats 

Prep breakfast the night before with this healthy overnight oats recipe and you’ll never have to rush in the morning again.